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Where the paper meets handcraft & creativity.
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Various materials used in paper products crafting

    The Craft

    Our craft is complex. When ordered, paper comes in heavy bulks and needs to be transported. Cutting it takes a whole lot of time. All the bindings, gluing, and putting everything together is hand made. But we love what we do! And we hope you are going to like our products.


    We all live on a tiny speckle of dust floating through the vastness of the universe, and the air we breathe is the essence of life. And that essence is provided by trees... just like the paper.

    We pride ourselves on using almost exclusively recycled paper in creating our products, and not only that! All the "waste" and leftovers are shipped to dedicated companies whose main line of business is paper recycling. That way, our small circle of life is closed.


    As a proud members of the ArtiZanat association, we participate in workshops and fairs organized by the association.

    Workshops and fairs schedule is posted and updated regularly on the association's Facebook page. So, if you want to know more about paper and everything related to our craft, check it out. Thank you!

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