• Our Focus

Handmade craftsmanship and sustainability are the cornerstones of our business.

The myth that printing and paper are waste products is disproved by the fact that paper is one of the most recycled raw materials. Here at Offgrid, we try to embody the circular model to all parts of our field of activity, from products to packaging.
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• Our Products

Offgrid Journals on a transparent background

Offgrid Showcase

All our products are hand-crafted from start to finish, with special attention paid to details. This makes each of our products unique.
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• Planners

Our small and large beautifully hand-crafted planners come with custom covers, page layouts, and optional inserts.
A stack of notebooks on a wooden surface

• Notebooks

The notebooks we produce are of various sizes, and they come with no lines, dotted lines, and solid lines layouts.
Sketchbook laying on a grass surface

• Sketchbooks

Depending on the drawing medium and the tools you use, we have sketchbooks with various types of paper that will satisfy all.
Photo album laying on a light background

• Photo Albums

Preserve your memories and store your photos in our beautifully hand-crafted photo albums.

• Offgrid Services


... a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.
Here at Offgrid, we offer various services mainly related to design. Before considering and sending us an inquiry, please understand the following; our main line of products is entirely handcrafted, and making them takes a lot of time and effort. Based on that, we reserve the privilege of choosing only the extremely appealing projects. Of course, you are always free to ask. Thank you for understanding.

Graphics Design

• Visual Identity
• Logos
• Banners
• Flyers
• Business Cards


• Posters
• Covers
• Tshirts
• Tattoos

Product Design

• Brand Identity
• Packaging